Welcome to TILTAN's music world!

Fragment from the press {full (inter)national reviews on the website}:

"This CD from the music group Tiltan is a enlightening example of how global musical styles can blend together..."
"Organic, imaginative & warmblooded music full of fantasy...."
The music of Tiltan breathes utter freedom and universal humanity. A soothing answer to the upcoming xenophobia that is currently expanding in Europe."

Tiltan’s music is a mixture of folklore, contemporary composition, jazz and improvisation. The music is composed and arranged by guitarist David Golek, who has blended the music of his cultural origins with sounds that encompassed him on his journey through life, mixing influences from the Middle East, south America, eastern Europe, north Africa and Jewish music. The musicians who join this journey are exceptional and enrich its outcome with their own cultural identities; this results in a fresh and colourful variation of music, difficult to identify as a specific genre, leaving a wide open window for your imagination.

*** BEST 20 CD'S OF THE YEAR!!! ***
(Het Parool)

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